ADEPT Project Delivery

At ADEPT Project Delivery our mission is to advance the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in the Architecture Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. ADEPT believes that BIM enables the practitioners in this industry to provide higher quality products at lower cost and smaller project risks to their clients. ADEPT provides professional services, tools and information to owners and general contractors that enable them to take advantage of BIM to its fullest extent.

ADEPT’s philosophy is Sharing the Power of BIM.

Based on the significant experience of our management and staff in BIM implementation we will guide and coach our clients through the BIM implementation process. We will work in a project or company context with our clients and share our experience so that their organizations can become BIM enabled.

ADEPT believes in a holistic approach to BIM implementation and draws from knowledge in multiple areas:

  1. Construction Management
  2. BIM Systems
  3. IT-Systems
  4. Social Dynamics and Organizational Behavior

Our interest lies in providing practical solutions to our clients that deliver tangible results and create lasting benefits on their projects or in their organizations. Please contact the ADEPT team to learn more about  our approach, our track record and how we may help your project or organization to become BIM successful.