“The concept of ADEPT Project Delivery was developed because we both saw the very real need for companies within the Design/Build community to have a resource to guide them through the BIM processes.”

Jonathan Widney and Jan Reinhardt


Jonathan Widney - Founder / Principal

Jonathan is a recognized leader in the VDC/BIM world.  He was the founder and President of the U.S. subsidiary of NavisWorks, a software technology that is widely regarded as the catalyst for enabling the collaborative project environment within the construction industry. Jonathan has extensive experience working with the entire project team, from the executive level through the individual sub-contractor. With more than 18 years building global markets for technology firms, Jonathan brings a wealth of experience and expertise to any firm seeking to understand how to move forward during this time of transition to VDC or BIM. Jonathan is also the CEO of Solibri LLC, based in Scottsdale, Arizona.


Jan Reinhardt - Founder / Principal

Jan Reinhardt is a Principal and Founder at ADEPT Project Delivery. Before joining ADEPT, Jan was a Program Manager for Virtual Design and Construction for Turner Construction Company where he was instrumental in the initial BIM implementation efforts in the company. Before serving in this position he held positions as an Assistant Engineer, Engineer and Consultant at Turner. Prior to joining Tuner, Jan was research assistant at Carnegie Mellon University and Consultant and Engineer at HOCHTIEF AG, where he was working on BIM and mobile computing related research and implementation projects. Jan serves as the Vice-Chairman of BIM Forum (www.bimforum.org). He holds a Masters Degree from Dresden University of Technology in Civil and Structural Engineering and a PhD in Computer Aided Engineering and Management from Carnegie Mellon University.